"Wearable jewelry for men and women."

The Eat the Leaf collection is a kaleidoscope of visions, finding inspiration everywhere: from philosophy, music and tattoos, to artifacts and historical pieces. Handmade in Brooklyn, New York by artist and 50cc moped enthusiast Andrew Guenther.

Jewelry is meant to be worn and the pieces in this collection reflect that sentiment. Over time you will personalize your jewelry during normal wear and the nicks and scratches accumulated with everyday adornment become hallmarks documenting your path through life. As the years go by, jewelry really becomes an extension of self. These unique pieces can be worn daily whether you are dressed up or dressed down.

A. Guenther 

"Why Eat the Leaf?" 

Once upon a time I intended Eat the Leaf to be a culinary website for weed recipes. I slowly lost interest in the idea and making jewelry became my passion. Life is like that and we all encounter unexpected turns.


About the Metals

Silver has a kind of self-polishing characteristic. Repeated brushing against your skin and clothing brings out the shine on even the dullest finish. While you can keep metals like brass and copper polished with very little maintenance, over time, these metals develop a patina from the oils of your skin or external influences like swimming pools and ocean water. Textured parts of brass take on rich browns and greens.

A list of metals including silver, copper, and brass have antimicrobial and antibacterial benefits. Yes, copper and brass can also turn your skin green temporarily but that just might be the cleanest part of your body. Stick to silver and gold if green skin is not your thing.


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